6/3/14 TRAVEL EXPENSES – my 1st letter to ICE

6th March 2014

The Independent Case Examiner
PO Box 209
L20 7WA

Dear Independent Case Examiner

Complaint: Travelling expenses not paid by WP provider

On the 14th August 2013 I attended my “Exit” interview. My adviser refused to reimburse my bus fare of £5.10 because I refused to sign a particular document. I am not satisfied with their final response to my complaint and consequently would like you to consider it.

Although WP provider has offered to reimburse my bus fare, they are still demanding that I sign something. Their attempt at redress fails to acknowledge that they acted inappropriately. My complaint is not simply that they failed to reimburse my bus fare, but that they demanded I sign something I did not have to sign.

The DWP Central Freedom of Information Team disclosed in a response dated 2nd September 2013 ref. VTR 3940 (3798) that for a Work Programme participant:

“There is no requirement to sign any documents presented by the Provider and no sanction would be applied to a claimant who refuses to do so.”


I would define my complaint thus:

WP provider acted inappropriately by demanding that I sign a document in order to reclaim the travel expenses of £5.10 that I incurred in attending an adviser interview on 14th August 2013.

I look forward to hearing from you and would prefer that all communication be by letter.
Yours Faithfully


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