1/10/13 TRAVEL EXPENSES – my 3rd letter to WP provider

1st October 2013

Dear Chief Executive

Formal Complaint Stage 3 – Travel expenses not reimbursed

I am not satisfied with the two responses I have received to my letters of complaint concerning the withholding of travel expenses which I incurred whilst attending my Work Programme “Exit” interview on 14th August 2013. Consequently, I would like you to consider my complaint.

Mr ????(1st tier contractor) maintains that WP provider properly withheld my travel expenses, and refers to internal policies in his letter dated 18th September 2013 to justify their withholding. It is my view, however, that the internal policies he refers to are no justification. I offered my bus ticket to my Work Programme advisor – she should have inspected it and if she considered that all was in order she should have reimbursed me.

I would very much appreciate that you acknowledge receipt of my letter and I would prefer to be contacted by letter.

Yours faithfully


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